Rapsodo MLM

Rapsodo MLM

By Rapsodo Pte Ltd

  • Category: Sports
  • Release Date: 2019-07-24
  • Current Version: 2.6.8
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 315.44 MB
  • Developer: Rapsodo Pte Ltd
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 13.0 or later.
Score: 3.55042
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Rapsodo has harnessed the power of your mobile device and combined it with our professional grade machine learning to create the Mobile Launch Monitor (MLM). You will be able to work on your game like never before with professional accuracy for shot distance, ball speed, club speed, launch angle, launch direction and shot shape. Review your shots and improve your game with video on each shot you take and an active tracer to track your shot shape. Share videos with your friends when you bomb a drive or pinpoint an iron. With groundbreaking features like GPS maps, to show your shot scatter on the range, and interactive games, the Mobile Launch Monitor (MLM) will transform how you play golf. Attention: This App needs to be connected to the Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor to function. Get yours today at rapsodo.com. Measurements - Distance: Length of your shot in yards or meters. Carry distance measures to your ball’s landing point. Total distance measures carry + roll - Ball Speed: Exit speed of the ball immediately after impact. - Club Head Speed: Speed of your club right before impact. - Smash Factor: Ball speed divided by club head speed. The higher your smash factor, the more efficiently you transfer energy from the club to the ball. - Launch Angle: Angle of your ball relative to the ground. Combined with ball speed, this will be a main component to determine shot distance. - Launch Direction: Angle of your ball relative to the target line. App Features - Video Playback: Choose video option during a session to get instant video replays of your shot delivered with your stats. - Shot Tracer: See your game like the pros with an active tracer on your video replays, allowing you to analyze your ball flight like never before. - Satellite Range Mapping: Using your phone's GPS, see where all of your shots land on your actual course or range. - Smart Club Recognition: No need to manually change your club. Simply activate the club change sensor and show the club to the camera. - Bag Mapping: Visualize your ball flight for each club on a distance map to know what club to hit on the course. - Shot Library: All your shots are collected to review stats over your lifetime using the Mobile Launch Monitor (MLM). - Coach Connect: Rapsodo and Golf Digest have partnered to bring you Coach Connect™. Get lessons from golf's top coaches right from the convenience of your iPhone or iPad. Terms of Use, Privacy, EULA: https://rapsodo.com/terms-of-use-mlm FAQ: https://rapsodo.com/faq/faq-mlm Contact Us: https://rapsodo.com/contact



  • Doesn’t work well in direct sunlight or in shade if 75 degrees or higher

    By Lion99991
    Inaccurate and shuts down if temp above 75
  • Decent

    By Lyvrexjobjtg
    One word to describe the Rapsodo MLM app: Decent. It’s great for range sessions, as it provides yardage, which helps with club gapping and general distance knowledge for each club. That being said, there are many shots that it may not track during a session for various reasons and I notice that a lot of times the shot tracer is inaccurate. For example, I’ll hit a draw with wedge that comes out as a fade on the tracer. My biggest issue with Rapsodo is that they often times add pretty useless features (i.e. Insights), but are lacking in many of the most basic things you would want as a user of their product. I’ve emailed them countless times regarding customizing the clubs you can add to My Bag. As a golfer, there are different types of shots you can hit with a single club (i.e. 1/4 swing, fairway wood off the tee or the deck, flop/chip/pitch, etc.), but the app compiles and presents all of the lifetime info for each club as a whole. If you want to see your club info off the tee compared to off the deck, you simply can’t. They have a “generic” tag listed with each club, so why not allow users to change the generic tag to something we can track for the multitude of shots we practice (ex: “1/2 swing”, “Tee”, “+2 Loft”, etc.)? Also, Rapsodo Support is terrible at responding. My app has been stuck on syncing shots for the past month and I’ve emailed them 4 times about this issue and still haven’t gotten any type of response. Like I said, the app is “decent.” There’s tons of room for improvement, but I’m sure if they’re just focused on their next product and will actually ever get around to improving this one.
  • Great app and hardware - some ideas below

    By BlueKev111
    Love the MLM. I use it multiple times per week and have sold a handful of them accidentally by just having people ask me about it on the range haha. I have some ideas for improvements below. Important: -when the sun is high in the sky it’s really hard to block the sun from hitting your phone. This causes the phone to overheat and it takes several minutes in the shade before it is usable again. Is there a way we could use the MLM with the phone in our pocket? Im hoping the camera isn’t actually needed and “pocket mode” would announce numbers and just not show your swing -if there’s anything else you can do to help with overheating that would be awesome Less important: -it would be awesome to be able to quickly launch into a range session without being promoted to select a range, direction, etc. I don’t really find those things useful -can we get a slow motion camera option? The normal speed video isn’t really that helpful for swing analysis -it would be awesome if amount of draw / fade could be shown. This would be different from start line. I’d like to track how big of a draw or fade in hitting. Thanks!
  • View more stats at once

    By Octothorpe50
    It would be helpful if we could see more than 4 stats at a time when scrolling. Especially on the iPad app. Other than that, it’s a good app. Haven’t had any problems with accuracy when comparing to other launch monitors.
  • I sold mine after the last update 5/5/22

    By backcountry83
    I used to love this thing. Then they changed the app. I started to hate it. Only reason I bought this over the small flightscope unit was the app. Now I’ve got the small flightscope unit and I loooove it. A month ago I would’ve said rapsodo all day. Glad I switched!
  • Great Support But…

    By vvest
    This hardware and app falls short. Like most app and software developers now, they add a “premium” for a subscription fee $100/yr. It basically software limits features your hardware already has. I get it for cloud storage, but do you really need to charge a fee to see the apex and other stats of your shot? Pretty disappointing. Also a lot of kinks in its app; doesn’t track every shot and some shots are just completely off.
  • Update

    By garagegolfer
    The new update is great and sleek but it’s not letting me delete shots anymore it’s telling me “delete operation failed”? Also my phone is locking automatically while practicing and never used to before the update. Yes, I turned my auto lock longer and still didn’t work.
  • Version 2.5.3 broken

    By Pasadena JC
    This update is broken. The monitor now keeps timing out and disconnecting, then my phone goes into sleep mode. Please revert back to the previous version or show me how. It is unusable otherwise.
  • Distance doesn’t match

    By zigfried73
    After Update , the distance in history list doesn’t match with actual distance in view mode. Please fix this serious issue asap! Thanks
  • Happy I purchased

    By Emineimtaavon
    I’ve had this for about 4 months now. It’s been great to have in my bag. I respond to video much quicker and it’s definitely helped my swing. It is easy to setup. And it does take some getting used to when starting with the unit. Be patient and adhere to the distances they recommend. You’ll need to play with the shot alignment screen to find the sweet spot. You’ll get a miss hit hear and there and it won’t track it. I’ve noticed that when that does happen it’s because I hit the shot so badly. You don’t want to see that anyway. Completely happen with this purchase