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Watch F1 your way with live racing, replays, expert commentary, exclusive shows and live data. Live Stream with F1 TV Pro: • Stream all Formula 1® track sessions from the Grand Prix weekend live and on demand • Broadcast in 5 available languages • Tailor your view to your favourite driver and teams with exclusive onboard cameras and team radios • Watch full race replays and highlights on demand • Get exclusive expert commentary and analysis shows • Stream the F2, F3, Porsche Supercup and W series • Watch on six devices at once at no extra cost. Available across Web, iOS and Play Store Apps, Amazon Fire TV, ROKU and Apple TV • Premium ad-free experience Enjoy F1 Shows and on demand racing with F1 TV Access: • Watch full race replays and highlights on demand • Enjoy F1 shows and documentaries • 2000+ hours of historic race archives • Full exclusive access to Live Timing Data, Maps and Analysis For help with F1TV, please visit: https://support.f1.tv/s/?language=en_US Terms of use: https://account.formula1.com/#/en/f1-apps-terms-of-use Privacy policy: https://account.formula1.com/#/en/privacy-policy



  • F1TV

    By Dieter W
    Nice to have it
  • Good but miss the old commentators

    By Homebrew guru
    Good but miss the 2021 crew. I feel like more knowledge and better calls on the action. Small critique
  • Avoid

    By S. t. a. n
    Loaded with hundreds of cookies and more. And only works on privacy ignoring browsers. Often login issues prior to race events, ruins the mood.
  • No Mirroring/ Air play

    By AppPro670
    The app is great, but if you want to watch any content on a larger screen, the mirroring/ air play does not work. Not worth the price.
  • Recent changes mean F1 cares more about money than fans/ viewership.

    By Mitch Holladay
    F1TV WAS the pinnacle of motorsport streaming service for the last several years, until 2022. The service once allowed users to view the PIt Lane Channel, and we didn’t have faulty DRM to RUIN viewing live races. there are so many problems this year with this product, yet no one at F1 has chosen to listen to those who provide their income - the FANS. we know what we want and yet NO ONE LISTENS. it’s PATHETIC, F1. My guess is current leadership are to blame for making changes that ruined the viewing experience for fans in 2022. it’s almost as offensive as blocking VPN users from content on YouTube.. oh wait F1 does that too. they’re regressing their stance on content and operations to a Bernie Ecclestone way of doing things - giving as little to the fans as possible. until DRM IS DISABLED, and until PLC RETURNS… stay away. what a joke, F1. Sincerely, someone who believed in F1 after the Liberty takeover, who has since become incredibly disappointed after terrible choices made by their race broadcasting and streaming department heads.
  • Predator Subscription

    By NorfolkRider
    App is decent and provides good access to the circus of F1. But good luck if you decide to cancel subscription it is very difficult. I don’t like services that are so easy to sign up and so difficult to cancel
  • Fix the Airplay issue

    By at_95
    Airplay doesn’t work at all. Cast is working, but airplay keep giving error. Is frustrating!!
  • Better off just watching for free on ABC

    By Kitchenspoon#226
    Even with the Pro membership you can’t even mirror the races onto your tv, everytime it pops up with an error code and says it doesn’t work, even tho they advertise being able to cast the races to your tv, 10/10 biggest failure
  • F1 tv

    By AnarchySlime
    I love watching the race o the app compared to standard television because you have so many more camera angles choose from or you could literally watch your favorite driver all race long kind of neat
  • Can’t use airplay on most TVs

    By danosonator
    Why bother offering airplay when not usable?