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Tide Focus Timer Android App, Stay Focused … Free Download

Doing any work, study or some rest, we cant know how much time has passed, 20 minutes, 30 minutes or hours and unable to give a specific time to that work. So to solve this problem, here is a app which tell you when to start and when to stop any work, study or rest. This app is called Tide.

This app helps us to set up break times with the most popular time management method Pomodoro Technique. if you want to work for 25 minutes and than a break of 5 minutes, than Tide app keeps time and plays sounds of natural environment at given time, which is its sweet and unique part. This app has great functions, best design and great functionality. You can say this is the best availble app helping focus and scheduled.

Tide App Best Functions/Options are:

  •   FOUCS TIMER,   Base on Pomodoro Technique
    5 Minutes break after 25 hard work, study, rest
    Your can set your own choice of short breaks, Long breaks, customizing the length of focuses and breaks.
    Five Nature sounds available, ocean, rain, forest, meditation and coffee
    Tap the Timer Circle to turn ON/OFF the natural sounds
  •   DAILY PICTURE of sunrise, sunset, greeting words,
    Crafted typography design
  •   Sooper Designc
    Simple and elegant interface, natural and diverse colors
    Carefully picked font types, crafted by MakeFont™.
    Adapts Split View and Split Over of iPad
    Supported iPhone 4s、iPhone 5、iPhone 6、iPhone 6s、iPad and iPad Pro

Tide Focus Timer App Quick Demo

Tide Focus Timer Free Download Here

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