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Root Explorer v4.1 APK

Download Root Explorer v4.1 APK full free unlocked here by single click. This file manager is one of those tool android user must have.

Root Explorer v4.1 APK:

There are tons of File manager for android device having different features to use. This one is one of the best explorer available yet. Don’t get confused with its name, this app is extremely useful whether you are rooted or not.

Root Explorer v4.1 APK

It has all the essential features that any file manager have, but along with that there are some exclusive features which I will enlist. Root Explorer v4.1 includes built in text editor, you can create different zip files and also extract them via app, a well designed text editor for your text files. You can also write basic scripts via text editor and execute them too. App allows you to search different type of files very quickly. Configuring permissions, bookmarks and sharing various files using email and bluetooth. There is also a XML viewer embedded in the app and you can also change ownership of files, create symbolic links and MD5 support is also present. This simple file manager will let you do any task you want with your files, whether you are super user or non root user app  will help you a lot.

Requires Android 3.0 or above

Download: Click Here

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