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Metal Slug 3 v1.9 APK free download

Download Metal Slug 3 v1.9 APK full free unlocked here by single click. The famous old school action shooter is now available on android to download.

Metal Slug 3 v1.9 APK:

If you know what NEO GEO is then you should probably heard of Metal Slug, there is no way that you never had played any metal slug game.

Metal Slug 3 v1.9 APK

The awesome legendary 2D action masterpiece Metal Slug 3 hits the super popular android platform. Its time to use variety of weapons and slugs to demolish enemy soldiers and robots. You will need to fight your way through the waves of different enemies in the battlefield and will have to survive. Metal Slug 3 is an awesome port for android devices which includes all the original NEO GEO candy. In addition to classic Arcade mode, there is also mission mode which allows you to select the stage you want to play just like other android games now a days. You can practice the round you want. The slugs are also back with the game but this time they are more colorful including slug mariners, elephant slugs, drill slugs and many more slugnoids from the original. You can increase your metal slug rank by completing maximum number of achievements in the game.

Requires Android 2.3.3 or above

Metal Slug 3 v1.9 APK

Metal Slug 3 v1.9 APK

Metal Slug 3 v1.9 APK

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