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Meganoid(2017) v0.55 APK

Download Meganoid(2017) v0.55 APK full free unlocked here by single click. Experience the all new challenging platformer with many exciting levels.

Meganoid(2017) v0.55 APK:

Meganoid is one of those platforrmer game which will challenge you with its awesome level design. You can collect plenty of items in the game which will allow you to level up and acquire abilities.

Meganoid(2017) v0.55 APK

You can either rush your way out or try to collect more items to enhance your session and gain more XP. But remember there are security drones around, if you will linger more there are more chances of your character being caught. Levels are generated randomly on every game session. Levels use some templates to create a level therefore levels would be unique ever time you play and will be familiar too at the same time.

Various consumables, alternative routes, gadgets and much more adds depth to the gameplay and your experience. These items will change the way how you run around the world. Jetpack will enable you to fly around, you can jump higher with anti-gravity boots and many more gadgets having different features. Unlocking the database will provide you the info for items and enemies which will make you prepared for the next session.

Requires Android  2.3 and up

Meganoid(2017) v0.55 APK

Meganoid(2017) v0.55 APK

Meganoid(2017) v0.55 APK


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