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Botanicula v1.0.62 APK free download

Download Botanicula v1.0.62 APK full free unlocked here by single click. Botanica is awesome new adventure game which got success very fast by its cute and interesting gameplay.

Botanicula v1.0.62 APK:

Bontanicula is an adventure game full of humor which is created by the same makers who made award winning game Machinarium, studio Amanita Design and Czech band DVA.

Botanicula v1.0.62 APK

The game revolves around five characters from plant world. These little tree creatures are on a journey full of interesting events. The main objective of these cute friends is to save last seed originated from their home tree. Trying to save it from evil parasites. These parasites want to infest the seed and these friends are bound to avoid it.

The gameplay is very relaxed and perfect escape material. The game mechanics fulfill need of a hardcore gamers, casual players and amateurs. There are more than 150 detailed places to explore in the game. This game have variety of funny animations. There are hidden bonuses spread all over the level and featuring award winning music composed by Dva. I’ve been playing android games for very long time and there are few games which are extremely relaxing and fun to play. Bontanicula is one of those game.

Requires Android 2.3 or above

Botanicula v1.0.62 APK

Botanicula v1.0.62 APK

Botanicula v1.0.62 APK

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