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Arrow Launcher v3.1.0.31382 APK

Download Arrow Launcher v3.1.0.31382 APK full free unlocked here by single click. The android launcher made especially for you is here.

Arrow Launcher v3.1.0.31382 APK:

Arrow launcher is for those people who like their smartphone simple and dont want to mess with all the customizations. The very first thing that you will notice that some of the stock icons replaced by arrow icons. Uniform icons for the apps make the whole experience neat and clean. The main screen is divided into three sections. Top row is reserved for recent apps, middle area is for frequently used apps. And the bottom row for quick access apps. One more awesome thing is that you can swipe up the bottom row and more icons, folder and some quick switches to turn on and off wifi, data etc.

Arrow Launcher v3.1.0.31382 APK

You will need to choose them in start so nothing will be empty. There is a page on the left and page on the right, both have their own specialized functions. Swipe right and you will get a recent activity page. Which is very simple yet powerful, you can schedule reminders and events very quickly. Swiping left will bring frequent contacts menu so you can contact them again easily. It also displays recent contacts and buttons to call them or text them with a tap.

App drawer is somewhat like android M stock launcher, it is very simple and transparency blur makes it beautiful. Launcher performs exceptionally well even on low end devices and it features amazing stuff. One of the best launcher available in playstore!

Arrow Launcher v3.1.0.31382 APK

Download Here: Arrow Launcher APK


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